From Plastic Bottles To Bags: How Generation Earth Products are Made

Ocean plastic is a profound, global challenge, contributing to an environmental crisis that demands immediate and innovative solutions. At Generation Earth, we are on a mission to minimise plastic waste ending up in our oceans by converting recycled plastic bottles into stylish, sustainable carrywear. It’s a startling fact that virtually every piece of plastic ever made, unless melted and repurposed, still exists today. With around 400 million tonnes of plastic produced globally each year, the magnitude of the problem becomes clear. Plastic, it seems, is the gift that keeps on giving to our oceans and landfills.

In light of this, let’s take a closer look at the straightforward yet impactful journey we undertake to transform plastic bottles into eco-friendly backpacks, laptop sleeves & briefcases.

Step 1: Collecting Bottles

Our process starts with the collection of plastic bottles that are on the verge of contributing to pollution in our oceans or swelling our landfills. This crucial first step is about redirecting these bottles from becoming part of the problem to becoming part of a sustainable solution.

Step 2: Bottles to Pellets

These collected bottles then undergo a transformation. They’re meticulously cleaned, crushed, and converted into small plastic pellets. This stage is not just about breaking down the bottles; it’s about preparing them for a new lease on life as the base material for our products.

Step 3: Making Yarn

The pellets are next melted and spun into yarn. This yarn is not ordinary; it’s engineered to be durable, versatile, and ready to be woven into the fabric. This crucial step changes the narrative for the plastic, turning waste into something both useful and valuable.

Step 4: Producing Fabric

The yarn is transported to a BSCI accredited factory, where it becomes GRS – certified fabric. This material is the essence of our products, blending robustness with visual appeal. Here, the transformation from potential waste to a practical, stylish fabric is completed.

Step 5: Crafting the Products

With the fabric now ready, we move on to crafting the products themselves. This phase is where our designs spring to life, ensuring that each item is not just aesthetically pleasing but also functional. It’s a testament to thoughtful production and sustainable design.

Step 6: Packaging

We extend our eco-friendly ethos to our packaging, using materials that are completely devoid of plastic. This attention to detail underscores our holistic approach to sustainability, reducing our environmental impact at every stage.

Be a part of our journey: Turning plastic waste into stylish bags

Here at Generation Earth, we’re turning plastic bottles into practical, stylish bags. It’s not just about creating new products; it’s about offering a smart alternative to waste. By repurposing what would end up in bins and oceans, we’re making a small but meaningful difference, one bag at a time. Our approach is straightforward – making bags that help our planet a bit more with each one we produce.

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