Why Generation Earth?

We are on a mission to minimise plastic waste ending up in oceans and landfills by converting recycled plastic bottles into stylish, sustainable carrywear.

Plastic: The gift that keeps on on giving

Did you know that unless it was melted and turned into something else, every single piece of plastic ever made is still around? Now, multiply that by the 400 million tonnes of plastic produced globally each year and you can foresee the problem.

Problem – plastic taking over our oceans

This bag is rubbish – transforming what was once thrown away.

Literally. Made from recycled plastic bottles, this backpack is a testament to how we can turn waste into wonders, without letting it end up in our oceans or landfills. While its origin might be a plastic bottle, its destiny is to carry your essentials while making a statement.

Generation Earth carrywear made from recycled plastic bottles

Recycling, reimagined: discover the bag behind the repurposed plastic bottle

Here’s where it gets cool: you’d never guess our bags come from recycled bottles. First, we turn those bottles into clean pellets. Next, we melt those pellets and spin them into yarn. That yarn heads off to a GRS-certified factory to become recycled fabric. And that material? It’s the hero in every piece we craft, designed to last for years to come — and this time, it’s a good thing.

Eco-friendly? Check. Stylish? You bet.

How Generation Earth products are made 1
Step 1

First, plastic bottles are collected instead of letting them end up in landfills and oceans.

Step 2

Next, these bottles are transformed into small plastic pellets.

Step 3

Those pellets are then melted down and spun into recycled yarn.

Step 4

We ship the yarn to a GRS-certified factory where it becomes our recycled fabric.

Step 5

We use that fabric to make eco-friendly Generation Earth carrywear.

Step 6

And we keep it sustainable all the way – all our packaging is completely plastic-free.


Plastic bottles removed from the environment

Backed by industry accreditations that prove we're legit

Business Social Compliance Initiative (BSCI)

Our products are made in a Business Social Compliance Initiative (BSCI) accredited factory. BSCI is an industry-driven movement that monitors and assesses workplace standards across the global supply chain.

Global Recycled Standard (GRS)

Our suppliers meet the highest standards of manufacturing and compliance. All our direct suppliers sign a code of conduct and adhere to the Global Recycled Standard (GRS) which certifies recycled material from the source to final product.